Holy holy holy

June 30, 2013

Burb broke, Chris came down to fix. Thank god because I wouldn’t know what else to do and the situation I’m in has become completely disastrous real quick.

I’m a spoiled, fat princess.

My guilty pleasure

June 29, 2013

Pita chips! Nom nom nom

June 28, 2013

Precious found dead today outside house. Very upset by everything happening with our cats. 3 dead in 2 years. Fucked up neighbors poisoning them? Chickenshit. Strokes worms clots wtf? I d k

Soft, white Precious kitty, I can’t believe ill never sleep with you again. You were my best friend in daily life and I’m going to miss you so much more than I can bear to think about now. I hope you’re waiting for me at the pearly gates, my soul kitty.

Lord, does life ever get good for one like me? Heaven, is there a chance that you will come down and open up doors for people like me…


June 27, 2013

…. Glad I have my family!!!! I have the best sister in the world. She’s so kind and intelligent and beautiful! I love her family so much. Thank God for her and the care she shows me and the kids! I feel blessed being here with them. It’s not everyday I get to feel a part of someone’s happy home. Usually, I’m on the outside, and always have been.

I really want to move to Humboldt Co and away from Oregon and its bad news and history. The CB past makes me sick; it’s dark, cloudy, stifling, redneck, small minded-ness is overwhelming.

I am still a FB stalker and still glad I don’t have a FB!!!!!!! (Because people like me could then overwhelm themselves with complete disgust over my being. Hahahaha)

Tonight, I watched the new Oz movie with my fam and was delighted.

There are things I wish I could undo and unlearn. Things I wish never would’ve happened. The best revenge is to live as healthily and as strongly as possible.

My heart is soft. It has to be so. The spite has seeped right out of it.

My beautiful, loving niece who braided my hair tonight has helped it to be so, along with her adorable, healthy, handsome, blue eyed angel of a brother.

June 21, 2013


This is my baby, my reason for being, my reason for living, my endless love. Theresa Cynthia Ruby Cappuccio, I love you so much! Xo 🙂

I try…

June 20, 2013

To make the past (posts) go away, but they just keep returning after I delete them. Sigh… Oh, well. I suppose it’s good karma for my manic, ranting behind to have to face the music sometimes.

I have learned on this evening that I love my life. I’d never want to be anywhere but here- in sunny, warm and wonderful Redmond, with my handsome, loving man who supports all of our needs so well. I’m one spoiled, happy woman.

I am also so happy to be learning the art of self-control, when it comes to food. I’m still an out-of-control Facebook stalker… *sheepish grin*

I wouldn’t want to be in Ak for all the salmon in the river. I wouldn’t want to live permanently on the coast, or anywhere near it. I’m glad everyone has their happy place, but even more so am I glad that I have mine, and my family. I really love the 8 of us in this house, together, experiencing all life’s ups and downs.

Oh, and I’m still very glad that I don’t have a FB acct.

June 16, 2013

And then there was Naan bread, with its wonderful influx of 400 calories per piece- mmmmmm! On a day when not much tickled me pink, I count myself lucky to have had enough calories left in the day to be able to enjoy a piece of this stuff- guilt free! Thank you, Naan bread, for existing.

I am as sick as a dog today, maybe sicker, with a cold.

I had beef carpaccio for dinner, and it was delish.

I had 4 cold pills for dessert, also delish.

Getting sleepy…